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PreEngineered Steel Building

Steel Building: A structure built from pre-engineered or prefabricated pieces of steel. In general steel, buildings have been well suited historically for smaller construction projects like storage sheds, grain storage facilities and airplane hangers. More recently steel has found its way into advanced farm buildings, riding arenas, commercial centers and more. Innovative general contractors often employ a mix of metal building technologies with conventional concrete block or tiltwall construction to deliver larger buildings that provide quality commercial buildings while keeping construction costs at a manageable level.

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Ethanol Plants
Bushmills in
Atwater, Minnesota




TO Plastics
in Clearwater, Minnesota




Here is a  more complete list of projects that we have done.

Company City Type of Work
Lumber One  Avon MN  B Erection
Cold Spring Granite  Cold Spring MN Concrete, Bldg
American Welding  Willmar MN Bldg
Scenic Sign  Sartell MN Bldg
Lynn Johnson Law office  Slayton MN Re-roof
Leaders manufacturing Willmar MN Remodel
Paynesville Hospital Paynesville MN Steel
Van pro manufacturing  Cambridge MN Bldg
Kaapa Ethanol Receiving Bldg Minden Nebraska Bldg
Big River Resources Ethanol Receiv Bldg Palestine ILL Concrete, Bldg
McLeod County recycle  Hutchinson MN Bldg
3DCNC Hutchinson MN Bldg
T.O. Plastic Clearwater MN Bldg
Saber Realty  Cokato MN Bldg
Watertown City Truck Garage  Watertown MN Bldg
United Wisc Grain Producers Ethanol Cambria Wisconsin Bldg
Van Oss Machine Greenfield MN Bldg
Midwest Renewable Ethanol Iowa Falls Iowa Bldg
Stock Lumber Montrose MN Walls
Decision Hills Spicer MN Steel
City Sanitation  Sauk Centre MN Bldg
Donnerite truck repair New London MN Concrete, Bldg
L.C. Block Company  Annandale MN Bldg
Bushmills Ethanol Atwater MN Bldg
Granite Falls Energy Ethanol Granite Falls  Bldg    
Bushmills Ethanol  Atwater MN Bldg
Brockway Town Hall Rice MN Bldg
Glacial Lakes Energy  Watertown SD Bldg
Caseys  Dawson MN Bldg
Cornerstone Church Litchfield MN Steel
West Central Steel Office  Willmar MN Steel
ASI jet Center Eden Prairie MN Steel
John Pulsifer Construction, shop, office New London MN Bldg, Concrete
United Bio Energy Ethanol Albert City Iowa Bldg
Western Wisc. Renewable. Energy Boyce Ville Wisconsin Bldg
Lincoln Way Energy Ethanol Nevada Iowa Bldg
Advanced Processing Technologies  Cokato MN Bldg
Agard Building Alexandria MN Concrete walls
Best Buy  Willmar MN Conc. wall
Bundy Church Bunde MN Conc. Wall
Suzlon Roto Corporation Pipestone MN Bldg
Plaisted  Elk River MN Bldg
T.O. Plastics  Clear water MN Conc., Bldg, Interior
Heron Lake Ethanol  Huron Lake MN Conc, Bldg
Duininck Concrete Willmar  Bldg
Forma Feeds Stewart MN Conc, Bldg
Heron Lake  Heron Lake Bldg
Winthrop ethanol Winthrop MN Bldg
John Deere  Cokato MN Bldg, Interior
Western Wisc. Renewable Energy  Boyceville Wisconsin Bldg
Great  River Energy Hawick MN Bldg
Casino  Granit Falls Steel
Fastenal Alexandria Alexandria MN Erection
Vertex Becker MN Erection
Standard Iron Sauk Centre MN Erection
Fastenal  Fargo ND Erection
Glacial Lakes Energy Watertown SD Bldg Erection
Trouw Nutrition  Willmar MN General
American Welding West Fargo, ND General
McC  Air Hanger Buffalo MN Bldg Erection
Donnerite of Willmar Willmar MN General
Duninick Brothers Concrete  Willmar MN Repair
Cold Spring Granite Cold Spring  General
Heron Lake  Heron Lake Bldg Erection
John Deere Glencoe Bldg
Donnerite of Willmar Willmar MN Remodel
Hankinson Ethanol Hankinson ND Bldg Erection
Necedah  Ethanol Necedah Wisconsin Bldg Erection
Glacial Lakes energy Watertown SD Building
Bushmills Ethanol  Atwater MN Building
TO Plastics Clearwater MN Retrofit
Dahlins Hardware Cokato MN Bldg
John Deere  Howard Lake MN Bldg Misc Metals
John Deere Glencoe MN Bldg Misc Metals
Air Hanger  Princeton MN Bldg erection
Wet Cake Expansion Atwater Bldg
Southern MN Beat Sugar Corp Renville Concrete
Swift county Hospital Benson MN Concrete
Home state bank Hutchinson Concrete
Cold Spring Granite slab sales Cold Spring General
Cold Spring Granite Support Serv Cold Spring Erection
Grocery Store Bagley MN Bldg erection
Drug store Aitkin MN Bldg erection
Glacial lakes energy Watertown SD Sheeting
Ottertail Power Fergus Falls Bldg erection
City Sanitation  Sauk Centre Bldg erection
City Sanitation  Sauk Centre Retrofit
3M St Paul MN Bldg erection
Becker County DAC Detroit Lakes Bldg erection
Cold Spring Granite Cold Spring Mezzanine
Burlington Northern St. Paul  Bldg Erection
Weight rite scale  Renville Concrete
Glacial Lakes Energy  Watertown SD Sheeting
Aberdeen Energy Aberdeen SD Bldg & erection
American Welding West Fargo ND Concrete Bldg
Donnertie Truck Wash Willmar MN Bldg
American Weld Fergus Falls MN Concrete Bldg
3M Alexandria MN Roofing
Unity Christian Reform Church Prinsburg MN Steel
Swanson Farms Nevada IA Steel
Monson Concrete Willmar MN General
Monson Concrete Spicer MN Steel erection
Engineering American St. Paul MN Bldg Erection
Cold Spring Granite Cold Spring MN Erection
DCI St. Cloud MN Sheeting retrofit
DCI St. Cloud MN Bldg Erection
Owner Wabasso MN Roof install
Coon Dairy Watertown Sheeting
Bushmills Atwater MN Sheeting
Wind Mills Fab Aberdeen Sheeting
Iowa sheeting Nevada IA Sheeting
Pipeline Travel Plaza Alexandria MN General
Villard Implement Villard, MN General
Accupress Willmar MN Sheeting
United Wood Products St. Paul MN Bldg
Monson Concrete Willmar MN Bldg erection
Iowa State University Ames Iowa Sheeting
Bushmills tank building Atwater MN Reroof
Pipeline remodel Alexandria MN Remodel
Kanabec Landfill Mora MN Resheet
Lake Region Coop Cokato MN Remodel
Magnum LTL Inc. Willmar MN Remodel/Doors
Iowa State University Ames Iowa Sheeting roof
The Country Stop Spicer MN Remodel cooler/ Install cooler
US Port of Entry Vehicle Inspection Grand Portage MN Building
Dairy Queen Spicer Remodel
Green Lake Mall Spicer Remodel/Storm damage
Engineering America Minneapolis Bldg erection
The Little Theater New London Retrofit
Min-Aqua fisheries Renville Resheet
Ag Leader Training Facility Story City IA Sheeting
MBS Genetics Story City IA Sheeting
New London Fire Department New London Repair
Newark Company Britton Erection
Gradient Tech Elk River Erection
Service Dogs New Hope Bldg Erection
Glacial Plains Coop Benson Bldg
Dahmes Stainless New London MN Production Bldg
Bushmills Ethanol Atwater MN Reroof
United Builders Fairmont MN Bldg Erection
West Central Inc. Brooten MN Bldg and Erection
Wheat Growers Wolsey SD Bldg erection
Williston State College Williston ND Bldg erection
Viet Landfill Grand Forks ND Bldg erection
Ethanol Plant Winthrop Bldg erection
Glacial Lakes Energy Watertown Bldg erection
Williston State College Williston ND Bldg erection
Williston State College Williston ND Concrete
Williston State College Williston ND Steel erection
HESS - Shop Stanley ND Bldg erection
HESS/ Wescon Sorkness ND Bldg erection
HESS/ Wescon Ross ND Bldg erection
HESS/ Wescon Myrtle ND Bldg erection
Renewable Energy Southern MN 33 wind tower foundations
American Welding Mandan ND Retrofit building
Cold Spring Granite Cold Spring MN Retrofit Roof
Service Dogs New Hope MN Bldg erection
CSU St. Paul Bldg erection
Valmont Farmington MN Bldg erection
Heartland Corn Winthrop MN Bldg erection
Heartland Corn Winthrop MN Reroof
PWF Taylors Falls WI Bldg erection
SRC Wyoming MN Bldg erection
Charbonneau Chevrolet Dickinson ND Bldg erection
Wyoming Casing Dickinson ND Bldg erection
Temp Rite Dickinson ND Bldg erection
RDO Dickinson ND Bldg erection
Mountain West Dickinson ND Bldg erection
Plains Grain Agronomy Enderlin ND Bldg erection
Menards Belgrade MN Mezzanines
Stark County Dickinson ND Bldg erection
Poet Research facility Scotland Process bldg erection
Pipeline Travel Plaza Alexandria MN Interior partitions
Glacial Lakes Energy Watertown Bldg addition
Private / shop Newtown ND Bldg erection
Private / shop Garrison ND Bldg erection
Minn Kota recycling Fargo ND Unloading bldg erection
Minn Kota recycling Fargo ND Sorting bldg erection
Beverage wholesalers Fargo ND Warehouse bldg erection
Cargill Receiving bldg Shellsburg WI Receiving bldg erection
American Welding Brainerd MN Retail Addition
North Star Ari Industries Hallock MN Office bldg
NSAI Hallock MN Scale bldg
NSAI Hallock MN Boiler bldg
NSAI Hallock MN Refinery bldg
NSAI Hallock MN Park line scale bldg


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